Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Too early for introductions

I have already had a few people ask me how Rit likes Fountain. I admit I look at them like they are crazy when they ask that, my own father included. I like Fountain, a lot. I am excited to see where this relationship goes. But we have only known each other 2 ½ weeks, and in a relationship for four days. He has not met, or even had a chance to meet, Rit. Nor will he for a while honestly. I am a protective mom. I don’t want to bring people in and out of my son’s life, have him get attached only for it to end and break his heart.

With Thespian, we were friends for two years prior to dating. He had met Rit many times at renfaire already, so it was not a matter of introducing someone new to Rit’s life. Even then, we took our time. He got really close to Thespian, and he was just as affected by our breakup. With Fountain, we don’t have that prior history. I want to wait until I know that what we have is serious and long term. Rit is the most important guy in my life. It is my job to protect him, and I need to know that the person I am introducing to him is worthy of the love that my son is capable of giving. 

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