Saturday, July 30, 2016


Symbols are an important things. They represent a lot of different things. They hold power. I believe everyone has a symbol that they are drawn to. More than one usually depending on the topic.

 Roses - This is no surprise for anyone who knows me. Ever since I was little I have been drawn to them. Even in mediation, when someone would typically envision a lotus, I envision a rose. It's the same idea; a multi layered, multi-petal flower. Even roses have their own language of love depending on the color.

 Pentacle - Ever since I converted to Paganism, I have been drawn to the pentacle. I use it anytime I do spell-work or shielding. I have one tattooed on me to represent my beliefs and my power. It's a very personal symbol for me

 Claddagh - I have loved this symbol for about as long as I have been dating. I love what it represents: love, loyalty, friendship, foundations for any promising relationship. I have some claddagh pieces that I've stored away because they were too painful to look at when I was single. I feel myself being drawn to them again, and finding them more often.

 Triquetra - This has been a newer symbol in my life. When I see or use this symbol, I think family. I have a pendant with it on one side, and the Gemini symbol on the other side. I have a pendant for Rit with the triquetra on one side and the Leo sign on the other. This is another great protection symbol as well.

 Ankh - This is not a symbol for me. But it is one that my other brother and Gypsy both resonate with. Whenever I see it, I think of both of them.

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