Thursday, July 7, 2016

Friends with your ex

Most of the time, I forget how unusual it is for divorced people to get along after they have divorced.
ExH and I have reached a point where we are friendly with each other. When he brings Rit to Faire, we can walk around together and it not feel weird. Rit even enjoys having both parents with him for the day. Opening weekend of the KY RenFaire, he brought Rit down both days thinking it would help distract me since Thespian is on cast there (it did). It was a very sweet gesture from him, which I appreciated. I got a lot of questions from people on who the guy was since it had been so long since people had seen him, but overall they were happy to see that we got along.
What I don't understand is how many people are asking me if we are getting back together, and even those who give me that look of "If you say so.....*wink*" when I inform them that we are not. Why is it so hard to understand that we get along now because 1) we have a child together and it is easier to co-parent when we get along and 2) we are not married and around each other constantly?
When we were married, we realized too late that we are not right for each other other. We brought out the worst in each other, not the best. Now, we have grown up a bit more. We have a child that needs his parents to help him grow, not watch them bicker. I think Rit's speech delay, development delay, and ADHD did help us move past any remaining bitterness we had.
Tonight, ExH and I are going party supply shopping since we are co-hosting Rit's 5th birthday party. I think this has elicited the most comments! We figured that if we shop together we can make sure we don't overbuy on supplies, the cost is divided equally, and we can discuss plans quicker and easier than if we attempted to do it over text or email.
Why is it so hard to understand that two divorced people can be friends?

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