Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fast beginnings

So, the guy I went out with in my last post? We are officially in a relationship right now. Some friends are a little surprised at how fast that went, but they have all been supportive of it.
We met down at the Kentucky Renaissance Faire on the final Saturday, which was my final day. I was there early, as usual, and going around doing the morning hellos. I was asked to run one of the booths for the day because the owner was not well and they were worried about him. I agreed and worked it. It was the same booth I worked at for a few hours last year, so I at least knew the process. It isn't a busy booth, but this guy (let's call him Fountain for his love of Fountain Pens) came in looking for something to buy and we talked a bit. He seemed like a cool guy. He ended up returning several times, just to talk and hang out. I was ok with it as it helped pass the day quicker. If the booth got busy, he would leave for awhile and then come back later which I appreciated. Over the course of conversations, I discovered that he was actually younger than I expected and apparently I was older than he expected, we have a few mutual friends through Thespian, among a few other things. I enjoyed the conversations and ended the day thinking I had made a new friend.
The next day, I got a friend request on Facebook from him. I admit, I was impressed that he was able to find me since we only had one friend in common. We started messaging back and forth and he asked me for my number. The next day, he asked me out. I have this "rule/guideline" where I don't say no to a first date unless there are red flags. While there were a couple yellow flags with him (age and location), I couldn't think of a red flag so I said yes. As stated in my prior post, the date went really well. It is the longest first date I have had and the sparks were just flying between us. We have texted and talked every day since we met.
At first, I wanted to wait a few dates before we decided if we wanted to pursue a relationship. Especially with the yellow flags. I've mentioned these a few times, so let me explain. He is 10 years my junior, which is quite the age gap. It left me a little hesitant because the 20s are a time of self-discovery. I changed a lot in my 20s. Now, at 32, I'm pretty settled in who I am. As we get older, 10 years becomes less of an age gap but right now it seems a wide one. Also, he is a Christian and I am Pagan. I have had issues with a lot of Christians and their views of Pagans being Satan-worshipers, Heathens, and so on. And then their need to "save me" by trying to convert me. I am happy and firmly rooted in my beliefs and did not want to deal with the attempts to save me again. Luckily, he does not seem to be that kind of person. On top of all of that, he lives in Louisville. Thespian lives in Louisville,  so I know I can do the travel. I just was not expecting another long distance relationship. But with how often we were talking, we ended up delving into a lot of serious topics. We talked and connected and my affection for him grew.
On my end, it has been a little over two months since Thespian broke up with me. I didn't want to bring any of the hurt from the end of that relationship into this one. I don't want Fountain to be a rebound. I looked up rebound relationships, and I don't think that is the case here. I'm not looking to run from dealing with the breakup. I purposefully waited until I felt I was in a spot where I was ok to date again. Fountain just happened to have perfect timing when it came to that.

Last night, I had a girls night with my best friend, Gypsy. She knows me so well, and she could tell I was smitten with him. After talking with her, I knew I wanted to pursue something with him. After I got home, we had a Skype call, which had been scheduled earlier in the week. We talked and decided to make it official. I'm excited, and still a bit cautious. But excited to see where this might go.

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