Monday, June 27, 2016

Plans and changing

I've always been one that plans ahead, plans for the future. I hate scrambling last minute if it can be avoided, as I find it to be rather anxiety inducing. However, nothing in life every stays the same. Things change and bumps happen.
I had plans with my ex-boyfriend for this summer and for a few years down the road. Having a plan helped me figure out what I needed to do now to help that plan happen. Those plans are obviously not going to happen so my plans for future have shifted. And if things change again, those plans with shift again. I plan for the future, but I also change those plans based on the current situation.

For example, being currently single, I am looking at traveling for mini-vacations. I doubt I will get to any this year but I think next year is a distinct possibility (though Mammoth Caves may still be doable this year depending.... I hope so!). I want to travel to Chicago, Ashville, Niagara Falls. I want to visit new renfaires. I want to add new experiences to my life. If I become no longer single, then my plans will change. It's the nature of life for me.

Having future plans gives me something to look forward to, something to work for and save up for. It makes me

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