Thursday, May 19, 2016

Acceptance of the differences

It always seems like there is something going on that is "different" and scares most of society. 
Now it is an issue of transgenders using the bathroom. I don't even know how or why this suddenly became an issue, but suddenly people are scared of transgenders in the bathroom. What the hell? For years, they have used the bathroom of the gender they identify with without issue. Why is this suddenly a problem? I've heard people say that they don't want their daughters to see a man's genitals in the bathroom. Last I checked, women's restrooms only have stalls. So if they see it, they were peeking where they shouldn't and that is the issue that should be addressed. I think it's because the idea of transgenders makes people uncomfortable so they force that feeling on others. 
If you look at how other countries deal with it, they are so much more lax than we are. Sexuality isn't an issue there. It is here. I simply don't get it. Why is violence ok, but the human body is not? 

I have family, blood-family, that have been posting some negative things on Facebook in regard to this issue. I have been removing them from my friends list. When it comes to politics and beliefs, you are allowed your opinion and I am allowed to disagree with them. I have several friends where we are like that but we still get along. But when someone starts posting derogatory, bigoted, and judgmental things about an entire group of people for simply existing and being who they are... that is where I take issue. I am firmly of the belief that you are allowed your beliefs, but you are not allowed to force those beliefs on others or limit their rights because you disagree with them. 

We went through that with gay marriage. States are STILL trying to overturn that ruling because they have their belief in marriage and think everyone should follow it. No. You have your belief in marriage and follow it but don't force others into that. You do you and let others do them, that simple. Don't take away the rights of an entire community simply because the thought makes you uncomfortable. 

The thing I love about my friends group is our diversity. We all have different religious beliefs, political beliefs, morals and values, experiences, and so on. The one thing we do have in common is the belief that we are each allowed to be who we are and not force our beliefs on anyone else. 
I am Pagan. I have several Christian friends, fellow Pagans, Catholics, Protestants, Methodists, Jewish, and so on. I think I may have a Muslim friend or two in here too (hey, renfaire is a large community!). No one has tried to convert me, nor I them. We have discussed and asked questions and learned a lot about each other's beliefs. But I don't think they are wrong for following the path that feels right to them. 
I have a rather unconventional relationship dynamic. I have had a few friends say that they could never have this kind of relationship. I've had a few try to tell me that it won't work and have been negative about it, and the friendship has become strained because of it. But the vast majority of my friends have asked me about it and have been incredibly supportive. Their take is "That's not for me and I don't understand it, but I'm glad you are happy and as long as you are happy that is what matters." That, to me, is the kind of stance we should take on most of these matters of differences.