Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 in review

This has probably been the best year for me in awhile. I'm in a much better place than I have been in awhile.

My brother still lives with me. Truthfully, I could not ask for a better roommate. We get along really well, and Rit loves having him around. After everything that happened with our roommates while I was with ExH, I was worried that I may not be able to live with anyone. This has proven otherwise. I know he will eventually move out, but until then I am going to enjoy having the extra help around the house and with Rit.

I love my job. It gives me variety and a lot of experience. I feel appreciated and valued. It can get hectic and frustrating at times, but they are the exception and not the norm. I like that my coworkers know me well enough to notice when something is wrong. Usually its because my office door is shut all day or I'm not smiling. But it shows me that they care.

Rit is still the best thing to happen to me. He truly is the joy of my life. His speech therapy is helping a lot. And it looks like he is starting preschool next year. I can't believe my baby is about to start school!

My bipolar disorder is so much better. I probably have had the fewest episodes this year than I have had in several years, My therapist continues to agree that I do not need medication right now. I've figured out how to manage it, and how to identify when I am having an episode vs a rational reaction. There are still people that will see me react and automatically blame it on the bipolar. I know I can't do anything about it so I try not to let it get to me as much. I know where I am vs where I have been. I have friends that have seen me then vs now and comment on how much better I am.

I think what has made the biggest difference this year is how I am around ExH and his fiancee. I feel like I have finally worked through everything that happened and have moved on and allowed myself to heal. I don't look at them and blame them for it anymore. I was just as much to blame for my own reasons. I know we never should have been married in the first place, but then we wouldn't have Rit so I can't say I regret it. I needed to get out of the victim mentality I was in because that kept me from letting it go. It kept me from growing and learning from the mistakes I made. It has definitely made it easier for me to be around them and interact with them, and has been better for my own mindset.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The tree debacle

This has been a long road, but it's done.
Over the summer, the maple tree in the front yard lost several limbs in different wind storms. Three different times, those limbs would have landed on my car had I been home. I decided that the tree needed to go soon.
Around the end of September I called around to several landscaping companies and I received a few quotes for tree and stump removal. The prices ranged from $1000 to $1300. I chose the first company, with the lowest quote. I had spoke with the owner on the phone and  I received a quote quickly, so I felt optimistic about this company. I called them up to hire them near the end of October, At that point they gave me a time frame of 2-3 weeks, which I was ok with. We had another windstorm in that period, which I was nervous about but no limbs fell luckily. I was just glad it would be coming down soon.
A month later I called them back to find out when they would be out to remove the tree. I was getting a bit anxious about it. The owner told me that he was out in the field at the moment and he would call me back once he got to the office to let me know the date. After a week with no response, I called back and got a hold of the receptionist. She called the owner and told me that he said he would be out later that week, and that they would call once it got closer. This was Thanksgiving week. I was ok with that since I would be home at the end of the week for the holidays.
Wednesday night, the following week (first week of December), I get a call from them saying they would be out the next day. At first it was supposed to be around noon but then that changed to "not sure but you are second on the work order list". I scrambled at the last moment to be sure that I would be home. Luckily, I have a very understanding my boss. On Thursday, I worked from home so that I would be there. They never showed. Never called. I tried calling at 3pm, and every hour until 7pm, with no answer.
The next morning I called again, livid, and got a hold of the receptionist. She understood why I was upset and said she would talk to the owner. Two and half hours later I had not received a call back. I called and it went to voice mail. I told them to cancel my work order as I would go with a different company.
This time I called a company called Pillion Tree & Landscaping, based in Fairfield, Ohio. They came recommended by some friends of mine. He came out Friday night and gave me a quote to take down the tree and grind down the stump. The quote was the lowest one I had received. I went ahead and hired him. He said they would be out that weekend.
Saturday I went to the Dickens Christmas Festival in Eminence, KY. When I got back, all that was standing was the main trunk. The limbs and branches had already been cut down. By the end of the night the whole tree was down. A neighbor came by and took some of the wood (with permission) so there was less to worry about. They left before they could finish since they were losing daylight. They returned Sunday and finished the job, as well as removed the fallen limbs that were being stored in my backyard. They are returning today to grind down the stump.
I am incredibly happy with this company and would recommend them to anyone looking for tree removal services.
Here are a few pictures:

The tree to removed:

Here is how the tree looked when I returned home Saturday. Sorry it is a little blurry. 

The tree at the end of the day Saturday

The tree at the end of the day Sunday. The wood that is by the street was picked up by a neighbor later on that day.