Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A 3rd Birthday

On the 1st, Rit turned 3 years old. It's hard to believe my little boy is growing up so fast! Since it is an even year, I got him for his birthday. ExH and I did our traditional birthday dinner with Rit, except this year ExH's girlfriend joined as well. Rit loved it, but I think it's because we let him have pancakes and french fries for dinner. That night, Rit and I went home and he got to open his presents.

On the following Sunday my family, a friend, her daughter, her mother-in-law, Rit and I all went out to EnterTRAINment Junction. Rit has been on a train kick lately so I decided to try this place. He loved it, as did we. Rit loved watching the model trains go around, and playing in the kids areas they had. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves trains, kid and adult alike.
No cake or big party but a lot of great memories made. I think that is more important.