Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Castle Days

A little over a week ago was the first Castle Day of Loveland Castle for 2014. Castle Days are like mini renfaires. There are vendors, shows, and lots of friends. That night was our semi-annual Castleteers gathering, so there were a lot of us in garb.
My brother, friend, and I got there later than usual, closer to 3. I got out of my car and had my corset tightened. I gave about two hugs when I saw ExH in the distance. I bee-lined to him, knowing that if he was there, so was Rit. Apparently, he decided to bring Rit up figuring I would be there. I was really excited to see Rit. I told ExH that I would take care of Rit for awhile if he wanted a break, and he decided to take it. So I got to have Rit for a few unexpected, wonderful hours on a Saturday. Some friends got to finally meet him as well.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Today marks the 3rd anniversary of my Grandma's death.
I realized I never told the story of how my Grandma passed. Most assume that it was natural causes. She was in her 80s after all. But that isn't the case here.

My grandparents went out to eat on April 2nd, 2011. I can't recall if they were coming in the restaurant or leaving, but a kid that my Grandma said was about 8 years old was running around and ran into her legs, knocking her to the ground. With as old as she was, her reflexes were not as good as they once were and her head hit the ground. There was an EMT at the restaurant and he checked her out before she was taken to the hospital. They did a CT scan and said everything looked ok. So she went home.
The next day she was relaying this story to my mom, which is how I know it. About an hour after that, she started complaining of a bad headache. An ambulance was called. She lost consciousness before it arrived. When she got to the hospital (a different one than the day before), they did another scan and found that she was bleeding into her brain.
I received a phone call from my dad telling me that she was in the hospital. About an hour later I received a text saying that they would be doing surgery to relieve the pressure in her skull. And then, an hour after that I received the phone call saying that family is being told to come down to the hospital. ExH went with me and told me of the possible outcomes. It may seem cold to some, but I am glad he did as it prepared me for what I encountered.
Before I went in to the hospital room, my dad pulled me aside. There was so much bleeding in her brain that it had actually moved her brain. The damage was just too much. They were keeping her on life support until the family all had a chance to say goodbye. I had an aunt and an uncle on vacation who were driving back that day. I remember walking in, and immediately I knew her spirit was gone. All that was left was the shell, being kept alive by machines. I cried. I told her I loved her, and said goodbye. They took her off of support that night and she passed the next morning.

I sometimes get angry that it happened. That my grandma was robbed of the chance to meet Rit, or that Rit was robbed of the chance to meet his Great-Grandma. I have no patience for children running around in crowded areas as a result of this. I hope that by sharing this story, some parents will see it and keep a better eye on their kids.