Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marriage equality

I normally do not post about politics, but today is an exception.

Today, the United States Supreme Court declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and struck it down!
This means that if a gay couple marries in a state that recognizes same sex marriages, the federal government must acknowledge them as married. Prior to this, the federal government did not recognize same sex marriages keeping many married couples from receiving the same federal benefits as a straight married couple.
I know that sexuality is not something that I have discussed. I try to keep my blog on more neutral topics. However, I do identify as bisexual. I am just as likely to go out with a lady on a date as I am a guy. The topic of same-sex marriages has always been one I feel strongly for. I am very excited for this ruling and I look forward to the rest of the states in the U.S following suit.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Kentucky Renaissance Festival 2013

This last weekend was the opening weekend of the Kentucky Highlands Renaissance Festival. A group of us did our annual thing and camped down there for the weekend.
It started Friday. My brothers and I packed up M's car and drove to another friend's house where we met up with her and yet another friend. The 5 of us caravanned the 90 minute drive to the campsite. We arrived around 1pm and started setting up tents. There were 4 tents between all of us. I swear, as soon as we got the last stake in, the rain poured. Two ran to the car and the other 3 made it to my tent. While the 3 of us chatted, the other 2 cleared the car for us to run to and we were off to get lunch. Over the course of the evening, more of our group made it to the campsite. By the end of the night, we had 8 tents and 12 people. The rain cleared up about 5:30pm so we were able to make a fire and cook dinner and make s'mores. I finally went to bed about 11pm.
Saturday morning, we started waking up about 6am. A few of the guys got the breakfast fire going for sausage and eggs. After breakfast we got garbbed. We were lucky enough that a neighboring camper was willing to take our picture so we got a good shot of the group. Saturday was a whirlwind of activity and shows. I believe my favorite part would be the Adult Pub Sing that happens in the evening. There is a group that I am particularly fond of: Drunk & Sailor. They are both friends of mine. I asked if they were doing the birthday huhs this weekend. They told me they would. When they called for the birthday girl I grabbed a friend whose birthday was this coming week and brought her up with me. We grabbed my best friend to join us. A huh is something that cannot be described, but seen and experienced. It is quite a bit of fun though.
Saturday night was not as great though. I have had a stressful week, and this week looks to be stressful as well. I was not getting the relaxation and stress release I needed. I started crying from it all. I had a few friends comfort me and check on me. I am very appreciative of them for that. I slept pretty solidly through the night from all of the crying.
Sunday I woke up feeling a little better. We dressed and broke down the camp, packed up, and went the faire. As we drove into faire, we put the flag up through the sunroof and drove in on the final day with the flag waving in the wind. The lads who were directing the parking were laughing. My friends seemed to love it. When we got there, we stopped and waited in the woods for the rest of our group. While we waited, a few "mundanes" (people coming to faire not in garb) came through. We decided to have some fun and formed a line across the path. We asked for a toll, either gold or the lady. The guy handed over the lady and kept on going! We laughed, and let her go. Another group offered us their baby. Then some fellow rennies came through and we just wanted the wenches, who were friends of ours. I wouldn't let them go until I got hugs from them. When the rest of our group arrived, we proceeded into faire.
Not long after we got into faire, I saw my friend whose birthday we were also celebrating that weekend. She had made us a birthday cake! We went to the Inn, where our friends had us feed each other cake and then they all grabbed some. We took the rest (which was most) around the faire with us and offered to the cast and vendors. Several of them sang us Happy Birthday as well. Once the cake was gone, we offered up cookies. I think we fed most of the Festival that day.
I also received my customary birthday floggings. We stopped by our friends' booth to say hi. They found out it was our birthday and brought out their floggers of choice. The first guy up used the flat of a blade. He hit so lightly at first that I looked at him and asked "That's it??" Everyone laughed and he went at it again, with more oomph behind it. Not enough to make me jump or sting, but enough that I could feel it. The second guy brought out a leather strap. He knew we could handle a good hit and he hit with a bit of a sting. It was fun.
We left a little early to get to lunch, but ran into stopped traffic. It took an hour to move 12 miles! Once we got past it, it was fast moving. We got to the restaurant, ate and left.
I reached home around 10:30 pm. My parents were there watching Rit for me. ExH has forgotten he agreed to watch Rit for the entire weekend so I could attend faire. He dropped Rit off with my parents later in the day (I only know he did because they called me to let me know). I was worried about what to do and they offered to take Rit to my house to put him to bed. I agreed with it since I knew I would be home late. Rit was fast asleep when I got home. I peeked in on him just so I could see him before I went to bed. While I talked with my parents to find out what had all happened, my brothers unloaded the car. I went to bed a little later, trying to unwind from the eventful weekend.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.